About Howard Supply Company
Our goal is to be the full service partner our customers can always rely on to get the job done. We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset and seek to be the employer of choice for motivated and talented people.
Mission Statement
At HSC our mission is to provide our customers with the best products, service, and value. Our success depends on everyone at HSC "doing things right and doing the right things". For anyone of us to expect or do anything less would violate our core values.
Operating Philosophy
From our beginning HSC has been rooted in the belief that serving our customers first will result in sustained growth and stability as a profitable business. The obvious implications of this are value to the customer, long-term employment opportunities for our people, and sustainable profitability for our shareholders. As such, we will constantly work to be the best, to satisfy every chosen customer, to listen to our customers, and seek to understand their expectations.
Commitments made to our customers are sacred and will be given our highest priority. In return, customers will pay us a fair price that enables us to make a reasonable profit for our stakeholders, provided our number one objective is to operate and grow the business for their benefit.
HSC considers our people to be our most valuable asset and we work hard every day to train and develop our employees to make sound decisions. We consider teamwork to be our primary strength that will make us successful now, and into the future. We will always strive to recruit, develop and retain outstanding people, and create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Our goal is to create a work environment where our employees will be recognized for superior performance, while being challenged to grow professionally.
Because we operate in a competitive world, we are constantly challenged to adapt to ever-changing technology, competitor strategies, supply chain management concepts, advances in information management systems, and workforce demographics. We have recognized these challenges as part of our culture, and understand that change is a necessary part of doing business. As a company we have chosen to embrace change.
We will provide a safe workplace for our employees and endeavor to protect the environment through conservation and strict code compliance. We accept our responsibility as a corporate citizen in the communities where we operate.
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