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Shopping Lists Overview
Using the advanced shopping tool, Shopping Lists, allows you to specify items that you purchase often. While shopping, you can add items to a Shopping List rather than adding them to your Shopping Cart. The items you add to a Shopping List will remain there until you remove the items from the list. At any time, you can then view your Shopping List and add all or some of the items in the list to your Shopping Cart. You can even create multiple Shopping Lists to hold items that you purchase for different locations or on different time intervals.
Adding an Item to a Shopping List
When shopping, specify the item quantity and click the Add to Shopping List button to add the selected quantites to an existing or new Shopping List. You can add items to a Shopping List from the Search Results pages, Item Detail pages or the Shopping Cart page. Add the item(s) to an existing Shopping List by selecting the list, or enter a name to add to a new Shopping List.
Purchasing an Item from a Shopping List
To purchase all items from a Shopping List, click the Add List to Cart button that appears at the bottom of the Shopping List page. To purchase specific items from a Shopping Cart, check the Add to Cart checkbox next to each item you would like to purchase, and click the Add Checked to Cart button. The items will be added to the Shopping Cart and you can then either Checkout or continue shopping.
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