Howard Supply Company is a leader in Service and Fabrication in the Oil Field, Mining, and Industrial Markets. As indicated below, we offer a wide range of services to our valued customers in multiple locations across the country.

We have the experience, expertise, and backing of the original manufacturers to ensure we can diagnose, repair, and re-certify your equipment expeditiously and to the highest standards. Whether it is Power Tong Repair or Hoisting Equipment Repair and Recertification, Nylon or Wire Rope Sling Recertification, Specialty Machine Shop work, or Wire Rope Spooling and Splicing, we can do it.

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Sales, Service, and Delivery from the largest stock of well service specialty products in the United States
Howard Supply strives to have the best customer service in the oil field industry. We offer the specialized products you need, when you need them at competitive prices. We also stock your everyday “rope, soap, and dope” items that you will always need on-site. We have a combined 500 years of well servicing experience to help you make those tough decisions of what you need and when you need it.
Hoisting and Lifting Tool Inspection, Repair, and Re-certification
Howard Supply opened full-service hoisting/lifting tool inspection facilities in Bakersfield, CA and Odessa, TX at the request of our customers. We began researching the idea of performing inspection services as recommended in API Specification 8B.
High Pressure Iron (HPI) Recertification
Whether you are looking for new equipment, or need your existing equipment serviced, rebuilt &/or re-certified, Howard Supply Company can meet your requirements.

HSC’s complete service, rebuilding & recertification facility offers our customers the ability to prolong the life of their equipment, rather than having to burden the expense of purchasing new equipment every couple of years.

Howard Supply’s Mobile HPI Unit deploys throughout the midcontinent region.  Whether setting up on your site for a short term or long term project, HSC’s MRU crew will efficiently and economically meet your inspections needs and requirements.  Call today to schedule your next inspection.
Traveling Block Inspection, Repair, and Re-certification
Howard Supply Company’s Odessa, TX location is a Full Service Repair & Recertification Center offering Inspection, Service, Repair, Pull Testing, Load Testing, and Recertification of Oilfield Equipment.  HSC’s Odessa location offers a wide and diverse line of services from Drilling & Well Service Traveling Blocks to Tubing Elevators & Slips to High Pressure Iron (HPI).
Power Tong Repair
HSC’s power tong repair shops combine the industry’s best technicians with the most complete inventory of replacement parts.  From rod to casing, closed face or open, our experienced shops are ready for the job your tong requires.  We stock a complete line of domestic made parts for jobs requiring preventative maintenance or major repairs.  If time is not on your side, our loaner program is available at select locations to get you back to work.
Custom Wire Rope & Chain Slings
Several of our Howard Supply locations fabricate custom wire rope and chain slings for your overhead lifting applications. All slings are made in accordance with ANSE B30.9 guidelines and are tagged with serial numbers, working load limits, size / type of sling, and safety warnings. All slings are shipped with a certificate of manufacture for your records. We fabricate slings using materials from top suppliers in our industry including Bridon American Wire Rope, Union Wire Rope, Gunnebo Chain & Fittings, Campbell Chain & Fittings, Crosby Chain and Fittings, and Esco Fittings. In addition we offer sling inspection and pull testing in several locations to keep your company in compliance with federal regulations.
Wire Rope Spooling and Splicing
Our Bakersfield CA, Vernal UT, Williston ND, Casper WY and Farmington NM locations offer a one-of-a-kind service that is relatively unheard of in the Oil Field Industry. Our trucks can perform every job from block stringing and change out, sand line installation and splicing, tubing/drilling line change, and field line inspections. The unique design of our trucks allows for precise back tension on each type of line installed, ensuring the longest service life possible. The use of a hydrostatic pump, a load cell, and gauges at the operator’s console allows for exact tension requirements, and also allows for change in tension as each wrap is added to the drum. There is no manual brake, nor is there a need to move the drive chain from sprocket to sprocket leaving a safer and faster job as the result. Our employees are trained to their job, as well as trained to site specific leases and locations for all of our customers.
Hoisting Tool, Block, and Sling Pull/Load Testing
Howard Supply Company offers Proof Testing of Chain, Wire Rope, Nylon Slings, Hoisting Tool Equipment, and Traveling Blocks in several of our locations to better serve our customers. Federal regulations require that Wire Rope and Nylon slings need to be inspected and/or pull tested at least annually and this service provided by HSC will help your company stay in compliance with current safety regulations.
Other Services
  • Weight Indicator Repair
  • Depthometer Repair
  • Air, Transfer, Hydraulic Hose Fabrication and Repair
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Oil Saver Repair
  • Brake Band Service and Relining
  • Shear Relief, Air Valve, and Ball Valve Repair
  • Field and Shop Welding
  • Overhead Lifting Safety Training
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